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Welcome to Existence 2012

Another year, with nothing to fear!  Be here, now

Changes may be coming : if you need to find Dr. Lenny - visit howdt.blogspot.com


  • Choice and Measurement Featured Blog Post Choice and Measurement Choice and Measurement

    The world is changing in the blink of an eye. Time has accellerated to the point where the old is being swept through the event horizon of a black whole and all we know will... More »

  • The Way it is and the Weigh it should be Featured Blog Post The Way it is and the Weigh it should be The Way it is and the Weigh it should be

    Life is what life is.  The right wing branch of the Washington First Party has locked up the debate on who, what, how and when - so we must drift off to find another way to... More »

  • What Can Be Done ? Featured Blog Post What Can Be Done ? What Can Be Done ?

       It seems to me that V. Lenin once asked this same question, back when Russia was a communist haven, if you believe the version of history that is currently being fed... More »

  • Hedron Communique #1: Thyme on Time Featured Blog Post Hedron Communique #1: Thyme on Time Hedron Communique #1: Thyme on Time

    You have to experience it to believe, but once you believe, then there is no way back.  Nature finds a means to change the appearance by altering the perspective of the... More »

  • Change Featured Blog Post Change Change

    We all Change Get Harder Get Softer Get Faster Get Slower Get Ahead Get Behind We All Change 2011  lemme howdt   More »

  • Oregon Orgone and Ormus Featured News Article Oregon Orgone and Ormus Oregon Orgone and Ormus

    Take two:(first draft was lost when i jumped page to create a link - oops) There are several aspects of modern day knowledge that do not fit the realm of what we know.  It... More »

  • Community - depth of thought Featured Blog Post Community - depth of thought Community - depth of thought

              What is community?  Who is doing what?  Organization?  Specify roles – who has responsibility and what are... More »

  • What are we about Featured News Article What are we about What are we about

      Life is full of illusions – building community involves connecting people.  Defining group value is not a one size fits all proposition.  We must balance the... More »

  • Quartz Creek Featured Photo Gallery Quartz Creek Quartz Creek

    July 2011 :  Quartz Creek Roadless Area  :  Umpqua National Forest  :  photo credit : DLT More »

Recently Updated
Existence lives Last Updated on 2015-11-09 15:31:18 Doc logged in and has access - no idea where this will go, but ... ya never know. More »
Forriener Last Updated on 2012-01-27 00:00:00 I'm the only one here from foriegn Land, Some stare and wonder who I am, Bolder ones offer up a seat, Bring exotic things for me to eat, 1st things 1st, learn thier rules, ... Use small stcks as eating tools, No touch food with naked hand, Beware of red pepper if you can, Comunicate without spoken word, Point & mime, surely look absurd, They smile & laugh, do the same, Others hear, come join in the game, Takes more time than if I could speak, But answers come for what I seek, Enjoy Life, Make it Fun. the Human Race is ONE..   More »
Snow Daze Last Updated on 2012-01-18 10:23:34 The west coast got unloaded on overnight last night.  As i look out the window this morning, there is not a stitch of snow on the ground.  The pass that i would have to travel through has a foot - time to understand that micro-climate is not the same as climate.  I am confused by the doubletalk and deliberate obfuscation of knowledge.  In other words - how long have they been feeding us bullshit? The basis of what we know doesn't hold weight any longer.  The past is all about money - i am shifted beyond the desire to pay any attention to economics - it is nothing but a distraction.  My thought is going off to the future, i am struggling to be in the now, all the time. I am concerned about too many things being beyond my personal control - when i really attempt to keep things together for others as well as myself.  I feel like i am elsewhere and not... More »
Are we waiting for ourselves Last Updated on 2012-01-08 17:15:13 Part of what i seek to grasp is an understanding of what is and what is not.  It seems likely that we have all been here before and the Mayan Calendar offers clues to a greater sense of how things come together and break apart.  This link is to an article on the Mayan Elders Interpretation of 2012.  I believe that of the 13 time cycles, five of them have convergence at the end of this calendar year.  It seems that 26,000 and 52,000 are two of the cycles (rough year count) – perhaps those who built the pyramids will be amongst our visitors – who can explain phenomena from a sense of context. I think that we have an incorrect perception of time and thus of space.  By definition, a year is one rotation of the earth about the sun, but that is based on concentric circle thinking.  I think time is a function of scale and that perception of a year varies... More »
Why Occupy? Last Updated on 2012-01-07 13:06:13 My friend Doreen A at http://occupycafe.org asked to share this - and so ... Below is my LinkedIn response to: ‘Occupy seem far away from having their platform defined. Are they now able to articulate what the Occupy Movement stands for?’ I view Occupy people as the first ‘One’ to shine Light of new awareness to heal the past and work toward universal harmony. Occupy is EVOLution in action to end extreme deception, economic manipulation, and worldwide corporate rule. Oneness - Connect the dots http://wp.me/pWDrY-Fy     Jan 2012 from Aluna Joy: What we are seeing now is a new geometry. With the Earth having shifted by ten degrees this past year, we will have a new solar alignment as well. Our minds are not wired to see this new geometry yet; but we will. This geometry is the basis for a new world that is being built inside us as well. We are making the shift of the... More »