Conference Sessions by Theme Group

Our Changing Oceans is divided into eight themes.  Conference breakout sessions and symposia are organized according to theme.  This website follows a similar logic.  You can find descriptions of breakout sessions and symposia as subtopics under their respective themes. 

Breakout sessions are designed to develop recommendations for using science and education to improve ocean governance. Each session is organized around a particular topic and will involve a combination of brief opening comments from invited experts in the field and facilitated participant group discussion to develop a set of 8 – 12 recommendations to the Obama Administration, Congress, state and local government, business, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities and others.  Collectively the breakout sessions will develop a blueprint for governing our oceans.

On Friday, January 21, there will be two sets of concurrent symposia to provide focused discussion on critical cross-cutting topics. Symposia are 90 minute mini-plenaries comprised of coordinated presentations by a 3-5 diverse experts to provide insightful perspectives on the topic of the session, followed by moderated discussion among the speakers and a brief question and answer period and open discussion with all session attendees. Unlike breakout sessions, symposia do not develop recommendations for action. Symposia feature success stories in ocean governance.

In a hurry?  To access specific conference themes or sessions quickly, hold the cursor over the conference sessions button without clicking on it.  A screen will appear with a list of the themes.  Do the same on the theme buttons to view a list of the breakout sessions and symposia under that theme.